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MedOffice Solutions was designed to help physicians spend more time with their patients and less time worried about why they are not getting paid.  Physicians have enough stress maintaining a happy and friendly working environment for their staff and patients.


 With all the changes going on with Health Insurance, we've seen many physicians giving up their practice or turning away patients.  Technology is making it easier for physicians to keep up to date.  There's Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software now; this helps physicians do their notes just by clicking their mouse.  This also either generates a claim in the billing software, or a log sheet for your staff/billing company to generate claims.  Outsourcing your medical billing can also drastically reduce your overhead and thus, save you money and time!  Instead of you or your staff doing claim tracking, they could be working with your patients.  Happy patients refer! 


This consists of:

  • Claim Submissions (Primary and Secondary)

  • Following up on unpaid or rejected claims

  • Payment Posting

  • Patient Billing (30,60 & 90 days)

  • Verification of Benefits 

  • Report Designing

  • HIPAA Consulting and Training

  • Remote access to your data

  • SoftwareTraining

  • Review of ICD-10 and CPT codes

  • Chart Auditing

  • Chart Coding

  • Credentialing with all Insurances

Some Additional services available

  • Appointment Scheduling for your practice

  • Helping your office be paperless

  • Scanning old patient records

  • Credit card acceptance


We customize our practice to fit your needs.


Because we have a coder on staff, we can review your notes and make sure you are coding properly.  Down-coding (playing it safe) is just as illegal as Up-coding. 

This is a huge benefit with all the providers getting audited lately.  We know what needs to be in your notes!  If it's not documented it wasn't done.


Our staff can credential Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and others with insurance carriers.  The main online form to complete is CAQH and then we can release the information to the insurance carriers of your choice.

We will advise you if it's in your clinic's best interest to join the network or not.

Credentialing is a huge access to your business; if it's not completed right the first time it can take forever to get approved.


MedOffice Solutions use CollaborateMD Practice Management Software for billing.  This software is completely USA based and it's very easy for us to network with our Clients.  Our clients get their own username and password to log in and get real-time access to their patients records.  We even have documentation storage right in the patient file to store their insurance cards and verification sheets.  

If you are using a software you like and it's net-workable, we can also use your software.


After billing the patient's insurance carrier(s) we balance bill the patient their portion of the bill according to the insurance carriers.  We send out a 30, 60 & 90 day notice to patients, after that our clients will choose what collection company to send it to.   We have a direct line for the patients to contact us about their balance.


Credit card processing:  We can accept credit cards for your practice and it goes right into your bank account.  You can either have a swipe machine in your office or just give MedOffice Solutions the card number to enter it online. 


We make sure that after 20 days of the claims being submitted, they are at least being processed for payment or payment is on the way.  Our clearinghouse gives us reports when the claim reaches the insurance carrier and if it was accepted by the insurance carrier. 

Also, if the insurance carrier denies a claim, we will be sending in corrected claims or appeal for your money.  Follow-ups are very important because money is the life-line to YOUR business.


Being HIPAA Compliant is not that hard and all Physicians need of been HIPAA complaint.

A few common things to do: 

  • Have a Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) poster posted in your office, hand a copy of the NPP to each patient and have them sign that they have received it.

  • Protect patient information, de-identify the patient on emails and any electronic transaction.

  • Don't leave patient demographics out on your desk open where others can see it.

  • When speaking on the phone, keep your voice down and don't say the patient full name and condition out loud where others can hear.

  • Have an email system that is HIPAA compliant if you are emailing confidential information to patient or Billing staff.


Protect their information the way you would want yours to be protected.

NEWSFLASH: Your Malpractice insurance will NOT cover HIPAA violations!!!!


We are professionals in our field, we offer coaching for individuals that would like to start their own Medical Billing business or any business start up.  

Give us a call for a quote!

We do NOT get paid until you do. 
We FIGHT for YOUR money!

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