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Services We Offer

MedOffice Solutions offers a wide varity of services tailored to your practice’s needs.  We design our services so you can focus all your attention on patient care and we focus on getting you paid for services that you perform.  We don't get paid unless you do!


Claims Services:  We make sure the claims are clean the first time around for faster reimbursement.  


Coding: We also make sure you are using up-to-date codes each year.  We have coders on staff if you need our company to code from your medical records.  Most of the time when a client signs with me, this is the reason they are getting denials.  They are either coding claims without the proper modifiers or they are bundling their codes.


Teamwork makes us successful:  We are like your off site office and work as a team.  I can't work without you getting the correct information from your patients, so we both need to work together to make this work.

Payment Posting:  We work out of one system so payment posting and account receivable is easy to track.  We get almost all the EOBs in our system so they autopost and we double check them, pull any denials out and then go to work on follow ups.


Follow ups:  Our intense follow up procedures make sure we act fast on denied and unpaid claims so there’s no timely filing issues.  We appeal claims to the highest level in a timely fashion.  This is by far what makes us stand out from others.  When you use your in house staff for patient care AND billing, this step seems to be forgotten many times and timely processing causes loss of money.  


Patient Billing: After we are finished collecting from the insurance carriers, we process copayments, deductibles and coinsurance amounts to the patients.  We handle patient questions about their bills.  We bill 30, 60, 90 day statements and after that we discuss collection agencies if needed. 


Credentialing Services- Our staff can credential Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and others with insurance carriers.  The main online form to complete is CAQH and then we can release the information to the insurance carriers of your choice.

We will advise you if it's in your clinic's best interest to join the network or not.​

Credentialing is a huge access to your business; if it's not completed right the first time it can take forever to get approved.

Remote Access:  Another thing that makes MedOffice stand out is our Real Time Remote Access to our software.  MedOffice Solutions uses CollaborateMD Practice Management Software for billing.  This software is completely USA based and it's very easy for us to network with our Clients.  Our clients get their own username and password to log in and get real-time access to their patients records.  ​If you are using a software you like and it's net-workable, we can also use your software.

We can offer additional services such as:

  • Verification of Benefits

  • Report Designing

  • HIPAA Consulting

  • Birthday reminders

  • Special Occasion card

We are a complete Medical Billing Services. 

We do NOT get paid until you do. 
We FIGHT for YOUR money!
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