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MedOffice Solutions, Ltd Privacy Policy

Developed 1999

Respecting and protecting privacy has been vital to MedOffice Solutions Ltd, since it’s inception.  We are proud of our commitment to keep information about you private and secure.
“We take pride in being a HIPAA compliant Billing Center”  

Everything is kept electronically on a password protected computer.  Our staff all signed BA agreements and everyone that works on our equipment has a BA agreement on file.

The Privacy Policy

*  Protecting the confidentiality of our information such as Social Security numbers and other personal information.
*  Who is covered by the Privacy Policy- Everyone in my office

*  The types of information MedOffice Solutions, shares, why and with whom = MedOffice will only share what information is needed with the patient, patient insurance carriers and billing staff to process the claims.

Protecting the Confidentiality of Information
We, at MedOffice Solutions take our responsibility of information about you very seriously.  We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with HIPAA standards to store and secure information about you from unauthorized access, alteration and destruction. 
Our control policies are:
*  We will only release information about your billing to people that you approved
*  We release the information that is needed to the insurance carriers to process your claims
*  We only send you statements where you indicated on your form. 
*  Your patient files are locked securely in filing cabinets and stored in a secure area
*  Your information on the computer is password protected.

Your Information We Have About You Is Protected!​

The information released to our company is stored for 6 years in a secure facility.  Only qualified people can get to your files.  If a spouse or other family members calls for your information, we have no right to release this information unless you specify this.

Please do not be offended if you call asking about your medical bill, if we ask you a few questions to verify you are the person we need to be talking with.

If you have any other questions regarding your privacy please feel free to contact MedOffice Solutions, at (773) 558-2737


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